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Hello … If you’ve ever been to a Culver’s fast food restaurant, I think you might agree that for the most part they have really good food and it’s usually hot when you get it. I really don’t have any complaints about that at all. However, I will not be going back to Culver’s – EVER again.

My decision not to patronize Culver’s restaurants again is based solely on how they charge for purchases made – not about any other issue. You see, evidently Culver’s has a policy of charging you one lump sum on your receipt rather than breaking it down, showing how much they’ve charged you for each item.

For instance, my husband and I visited Culver’s a couple weeks ago in Altoona with a few friends and the total was around $40.00 or so. We (my husband and I) paid for it; but wanted to see how much each person’s order was, so we referred to the receipt and actually expected the receipt would reflect that. It did not. All it told us was what the total was that was going to be charged to our account.

We tried Culver’s again (this time in Waukee); but the same thing happened. I decided to contact the manager and express my concern because I didn’t think it was right that we weren’t even allowed to see what was charged for each item. It’s like they were telling us “This is what we’re going to charge your account but we know you can’t dispute that even if you wanted to because your receipt only shows the total of your purchase.” The manager explained that they do not normally give “itemized” receipts; but did say they were available upon request.

Ok, so this time when we went back on June 8th, 2019 and I made sure to request an itemized receipt. However, the lady who was at the counter helping us at first seemed rather bewildered by my request. She said of course we’d be getting a receipt. But when I tried to explain that it wasn’t the normal receipt they give, that it was actually an itemized receipt showing individual charges, she became quite defensive and VERY RUDE! So then I just asked her how much each snack pak meal was (we had ordered 3 mushroom and swiss). She said each one was $6.20, so at that point I just thanked her for that information and then left to get our drinks.

After we got our drinks, we went back to the counter and continued waiting for our food. When it was ready, the same lady handed us our food with another receipt and said: “Since you decided to jump down my throat about that receipt, I’ll give you another one; but I want you to know it’s not going to say anything different than the first one did.” Wow – I couldn’t believe I had to go through all that CRAP just to find out how they were charging me. But in the end, you know what? SHE WAS RIGHT! SHE WAS ABSOLUTELY, 100% RIGHT ON THE MONEY WHEN SHE SAID THE 2nd RECEIPT WAS NOT GOING TELL ME ANYTHING DIFFERENT THAN THE FIRST ONE DID! I couldn’t believe it; but it appears that Culver’s will ONLY allow you to see the total of your purchase – not the breakdown of purchases made, no matter what receipt they give you.

Since then I’ve been told a few other restaurants might have the same policy; but if they do, I can assure you I’ll find out about that and make sure they know they’ll NEVER have my business again. It’s absolutely ridiculous. I mean, just imagine if a grocery store tried enforcing that kind of a stupid policy! It’s the same thing. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’d like to know what I’m paying for and how much it costs.

Anyway, I’ve scanned my receipts (again, they’re of the same purchase) so you can see what I’m referring to.
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