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ATTENTION: Everyone or anyone needy post yes but true need for my family is needed so please read even if you want nothing to do with it and if you don’t like this I truly apologize but please no bashing us...... I can literally prove my disease to anyone who would like to know for sure that this is NOT a scam as well.
ADDISONS DISEASE is my main problem but I also have fibromyalgia, vitamin deficient and iron deficient, central sensitization (form of brain damage) PTSD (no questions on this one please) Migraines, arthritis in hands back and wrists diagnosed from imaging (yeah typing this post is gonna hurt) Hoshimotos (an autoimmune disease as well) situational depression due to being so sick, Ehlers Daniels Syndrome, scoliosis and even more a lot I know but trust me ALL true and ALL testing my faith but I do have faith and will not give up....also like I said it’s all concrete in my record that I’m willing to shed light on if it’s needed, any questions I would refer to google or if you wanna learn a little about it if you would like to ask me personally private message me :)
Hello..... I am a 25 y/o mother of 3 fighting for my life.... I have Addison’s Disease- Rare disorder that is life threatening (been in ICU once already this year on life support, went unconscious that’s called a “crisis” technically in medical terms caused by Addisons but that then threw me into septic shock... January 2019 is when I began at Mayo but June 2018 is when my MAJOR symptoms began tolerable up until December 2018 and I haven’t really worked a full time job since because I’ve tried and can’t and I also had to miss too much for Mayo Clinic so I’ve decided to wait to start at a company and I’ve decided to wait on permanent disability but I will be attempting short term soon now that I know how bad and deadly this disorder is.... it is not contagious either btw in case someone wants to know....therefore I’m gonna go ahead and make this post easy and anyone with questions I will chat with in comments or PM....

1) Benefit Ideas- currently doing benefit sales at home because it’s at home and yard sale season, but it’s VERY exhausting and I’ve had two and only made enough for (1) night stay at Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN and I’m running low on sale items.... brings me to two..

2) ATTN Spring cleaners, households moving, people who like helping and can help.... I’m looking for items new or used old or modern from clothes- yard toys- furniture- electronics, lights, tools, dvds, household items YOUR JUNK might be able to help save my life so literally ANYTHING... ANY AND EVERYTHING (excluding broken non functional damaged previous bug infestation in house or apt recent fleas or lice even if treated moldy anything water damaged or stuffed animals because I can’t afford to catch anything myself or pay to rid an infestation so sorry for bluntness) I would even help sorting or packing or picking up honestly if you need help I’m doing anything and everything to make extra money and fast because my problem is very real my debt is very real and we REALLY can’t afford life rn especially not a trip to Minnesota that I have to make in a week.

3) Donors to help my family in need....Don’t wanna donate to a sale? We could really use sponsor for this time....Have nothing to get rid of? Still want to help? My family can barely afford diapers atm and I’m very serious we do have the WDM Services but I’ve been at Mayo or fighting flare ups or not able to make it while workers there so many times since I got back from Mayo 3-4 weeks ago so yes I’m going in this week but they can only do so much so if you’d like to help a family in need we could use toiletries, size 3 or 4 diapers for our 1 year old, soap for hair body clothes dishes any type basically, my 1 year old is needing 18 month clothes My son is desperate for some size 5t boys clothes 4t shirts work cause he’s so little so either.... I am desperate for size small shirts and size 0-3 bottoms I can not fit all my clothes as I gained a little weight stress eating and I love my size right now much too thin before and trust me I ate then too... I was an xxsmall-xsmall top and 00 bottoms so my clothes are useless except to put in benefit sale.... my daughter needs summer shorts tanks and dresses size 5t my partner needs outdoor work boots (not winter ones please) size 8-91/2 men’s his bottom of the ones we bought 3 years ago is coming off and he’s still had to wear them cause we can’t replace currently, he also needs nice jeans non work pants and work jeans too (denim) he has no shorts either except a few basketball shorts he still has and he needs work t shirts and nice t shirts or tops size medium on tops some smalls work and he needs size 30/30 bottoms or close to that we wouldn’t be picky at this point if there a little long or require a belt. Gas cards for trips and back and forth to his job, Groceries (gonna go to pantry tomorrow but they’re supplies are limited too) (waiting for food stamp application to be processed turned in recently and waiting for response) random gift cards to help us with things we need that you might have lying around from Xmas or ones with little amounts that you’ll never finish using (that is just like a coupon in my eyes to us) coupons also speaking of trash bags, sun screen for kids games for kids (not a necessity but we will have no money for the summertime fun like we used to that costs money) were big on being outdoors because I sit at patio table and watch kids play under and umbrella myself so that they get fresh air and aren’t bored inside and so that I get fresh air and sun light for the vitamins it offers but too much is bad so that’s why I use the umbrella, money also helps but I would only accept if your family truly has it to spare and don’t expect it at all.

4) I am looking for LEGAL odd work or REAL work from home jobs that are PT, I can’t do parties and such and I can not pay start up fees. Could also do odd jobs really good at resume building for those who need help, good at organizing paperwork into files or organizing cupboards closets etc, housekeeping I’m very good at, Ive been a personal shopper so if you don’t need much I could do that, I could take dogs on short walks I’d say we could get in a good mile if it’s not too hot as long as I drive to you and drive back home shouldn’t be an issue as long as your dog doesn’t pull hard, can feed animals and let them out while your family is on a trip or working, can be a personal assistant to receive calls, emails, and correspondents and respond while touching base with you along the way so it’s prompt and efficient for those who need a break or are too busy to do themselves temp or pt I’ve done this ft as the office manager and realtors assistant of a successful business private owned by a woman who tried doing everything herself and was pretty much doing it fine until she was sick with a brain tumor and she since has passed.. odd and small things don’t hesitate to ask as long as it’s legal and I’m safe of course don’t need to make that clear but just in case I’ll add it. I carry my own insurance and can sign that I am liable if something occurs due to my illnesses so you don’t worry about that too.

5) Support and Knowledge: I’m very young and have no family around and tbh my family is in no shape to help at all and my partners only close family is his mother who has been helping when she can but also has her own bills and desires... i Have basically ONE friend here and she’s amazing but she’s my friend and has done so much that I don’t want her feeling it’s a one sided friendship... plus she has her own life family and career. Maybe you know someone with Addisons I’d love to talk to more people like me because it is rare and there’s not a lot about it because the scientists themselves are still a little confused with the disease that’s why there is no cure and technically no treatment that they can prove to be more beneficial or save someone’s life does help sometimes with symptoms but it mostly doesn’t help me at all which is a bummer. Maybe you are a mother with some advise, or maybe you just want to help me by offering someone to hear me out and be there. Idk I honestly DO NOT like having to make this post because it seems so needy and unreal and I don’t wanna be a begger but my family including me has worked too damn hard to get here and I will try anything to get out of this temporary set back because we are usually living very well but I’ve spent a total of 2 months in Minnesota away from my partner and kids and paid $82/ night (can also prove) that really added up, plus food for me and home, plus extra sitter during that time, plus gas to get back and forth, services on my car, oh my the list goes on.... we had no time to prepare for this and all our savings and bill money just vanished before we could even realize what was happening and now we’re so close to losing our home and vehicles it makes me sick and sad and hopeless the only person I feel to blame is me but I had no idea I was actually dying and no idea how long I would have to live unemployed and how much our bills stacked up while I was gone and the late fees we got some were forgiven some not due to policies of companies varied.

Sorry for the length of this and sorry to ask but this will indeed be my last post asking for anything so please don’t think we as people are scrubs who are trying to cheat life.... we’re not for sure when but someday we will pay this forward I promise that. No criminal backgrounds, one speeding ticket my whole life, started working at 14 after school, help anyone in need prior to this whenever I could, very positive family that is trying to survive, just feeling a little lost and helpless trying to find a way to get through this and still hold the positive trait I desired finally got and still holding onto so far.

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