C&W Sunshades & Free Standing Windbreaks - $1 (Correctionville)

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Heavy Portable Windbreak:
Made from 2 7/8" oil field pipe, 2x3 11 gauge tubing, and 22 gauges super steel. Built for strength, effectiveness against strong winds, and ease of use! 14' bolted on bent legs. Lift with bucket, pallet forks, and bale spear.
Optional: brackets to turn our Windbreaks into sun shades.

25'10"' by 8.5' (28+ square feet bigger than most!) by 6' tall on the inside (7.75’ overall) portable calf shed
Calf gate to close off the shed
Open the 8.5' wide way to keep things drier.— by the wind following along the shed the long way, the air is less likely to circle thus resulting in a drier shed. This is why we are open the narrow end. Ask for details.
Entrance side is a door and opens all the way up for easy bedding, Lift bar for bale spears, pallet forks, scoop bucket, Clear ridge cap to allow for a lot of light in and draw the calves to the back of the shed
Gate to close the shed off.
Peak on each end is vented to allow for humidity to escape.
On our operation we averaged 30-38 calves per shed each morning.

Call Matthew show contact info for more information or visit our Facebook page at C&W Welding

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