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HANDYMAN. 204-7048. ALL prices listed below !!! 40 years experiance. (ANYWHERE. ANYDAY. ANYTIME.)

No need to make a bunch of calls, then leave a bunch of messages, then set a bunch of appointments, then wait wait wait forever to see if someone MIGHT Show Up.
Why wait and go through all of this just to get your mysterious, still unknown, Free Estimate?

See our price right NOW!
No calling! No messages! No emails! No Texts! No appointments! No waiting!
Our PRICES are listed at the bottom of this page!


You already know what happens! No one ever shows up!
And... even if someone does... you know for a fact they wont be anywhere near On Time! Wait wait wait.

No SMALL JOB too small! We only do SMALL JOBS!
We will do your SMALL JOB on the spot, today!
We will do your SMALL JOB, right NOW!
Got a SMALL JOB? Call NOW!!! Get it done NOW!


No extra charge for evenings, weekends or holidays.
24 hours per day. 7 days per week. 365 days per year.

No "Trip Charge". No "Service Call" fee. No "After Hours" fee. No "Emergency" fee. No "Mark UP" fee on parts or materials.

We do not charge one penny to come out and give you an estimate or to diagnose or to trouble shoot your problems!
Sometimes it is unknown what is wrong or IF something can be fixed or IF something is worth fixing.
Often, WE will work for a long time studying, inspecting, disassembling, figuring out the best solution to your problem or repair.
There is absolutely no charge for this!
If we have not fixed your problem or helped you... WE do not charge you any money!
Not for the "Trip" out, not for our "Time", not for our "Labor".
Nothing, not one penny!


As you know, other handymen, plumbers, electricians, furnace, appliance repairmen, etc will charge you big Money for making a "Trip" and will charge you for their "Time" and "Labor".
This is regardless of whether or not they have repaired your problem or helped you in any way.
You can typically spend $75 to $100 for nothing, not one single thing done for you.
WE only charge you for the actual repair or work done.
If your item can not be repaired or the work can not be done or it is not worth repairing, we do not charge you ANY money!!!


No mark-up charge on parts or materials. We provide you with the reciept!
We are happy to use the materials or parts you already have, buy yourself or have us buy at Menards, Walmart, Lowes, etc.
Unlike other handymen, WE do not charge you any extra money selling you our inflated expensive parts.
WE do not charge one extra dime for parts or materials!
Not even to go get them!!!


We always talk to you live the INSTANT you call.
We are at your place within 60 minutes, 90% of the time!!!

Why call 5 other guys and set 5 appointments and wait all week to meet with them to get your mysterious, still unknown, "FREE ESTIMATE"?
Here is OUR "FREE ESTIMATE". You can see it RIGHT NOW!

WE are proud to publish our prices!!! 40 years experience.


Gutter Cleaning $49.00
Gutter Repaired $49.00
Dripping Faucet $49.00
Faucet Replaced $49.00
Leaky Tubspout $49.00
Showerhead $49.00
Running Toilet $49.00
Remove Toilet $49.00
Install Toilet $49.00
Toilet Waxring $49.00
Toilet Flush Valve $49.00
Toilet Handle $49.00
Disposal Repaired $49.00
Disposal Replaced $49.00
Plugged Drain $49.00
SumpPump Repair $49.00
Hang Curtain Rod $49.00
($10 each add rod)
Remove Sink $49.00
Install Sink Basin $60.00
Install Strainer $49.00
Install Trap $49.00
LooseStep/DeckBoard $49.00
Chainlink Fence Repair $49.00
Wood Fence Repair $49.00
Gate Repair $49.00
Reattach Downspout FREE
Hole in Wall $49.00
Carpet Repair $49.00
Squeaky Floor $49.00
Trim/Molding $49.00
Broken Window $49.00
($15 each add window)
Rotted Windowsill $49.00
Remove Stormdoor $49.00
Install Stormdoor $129.00
Ripped Screen $49.00
($10 each add screen)
Bush Trimmed $49.00
Limb Trimmed back $49.00
Caulk Bathroom $49.00
Loose Door/Hinges FREE
Door Knob/Lock $49.00
Trim Door $49.00
Doggy Door $49.00
Door Repair $49.00
Threshold Repair $49.00
Closetdoor Rehung/Tracked $49.00
Light Fixture $49.00
Change Lightbulb FREE
Window Glazing $49.00
Windows Unstuck $49.00
Weather-stripping $49.00
Mirror/Picture Hung $49.00
($10 each add picture)
Shelves/Racks $49.00
Cupboard Hung $49.00
Dryer Vent/Hose $49.00
Light Switch $49.00
Wall Plug $49.00
Check Wall Plug FREE
Towel Holders $49.00
Loose Siding $49.00
Brickmolding $49.00
Tar/Seal Roof Vent $49.00
($10 each add vent)
Seal Gutter leak $49.00
Caulk/Seal Driveway $49.00
Remove Swingset/flagpole $49.00
Remove Antenna/dish $49.00
Cracked/Broken Cement step $49.00
Stoop Rail Repair $49.00
Garagedoor Spring/Cable/Track/
Hardware/Door Repair $49.00
Porch Light $49.00
Hang Curtain FREE
Install Attic Vent $49.00
Soffit Repair $49.00
Soffit Vent $49.00
Furniture Assembled $49.00
Furniture Repair $49.00
Remove Ceiling Fan $49.00
Install Ceiling Fan $49.00
Balance Ceiling Fan FREE
Mailbox $49.00
Handrail $49.00
Smoke Detectors $49.00
Change battery FREE
Install Microwave $49.00
Remove Rangehood $49.00
Install Rangehood $49.00
Remove Bathroom Fan $49.00
Install Bathroom Fan $49.00
Weld Lawn Furniture $49.00
Weld Stoop Railing $49.00
Pickup/Delivery/Errand $49.00
Car Starting $49.00
Batteries/Cables $49.00
Radiator Hose $49.00
Fan Belt $49.00
Check Tire Pressure FREE
Brake Pads $49.00
Fluids/Filters $49.00
Wiper Blades $49.00
Auto Lightbulbs $49.00
Headlights Adjusted $49.00
Comp Diagnostic Code $49.00
Muffler Clamp $49.00
Out of Gas $49.00
Check Oil Antifreeze FREE
Flat Tire $49.00

Plumbing, Painting, Carpentry, Roofing, Drywall, Appliances, Welding, Auto Repair.


No need to request 2 or 3 references. We provide 100 references on EACH and EVERY job.

ALL of our work has been local.
ALL of our references are local.
ALL of our materials and supplies are purchased locally.

My Grandfather did this kind of work.
My Father did this kind of work.
I do this kind of work.
I personally have over 40 years experience.

You won't find any great big fancy trucks and expensive equipment here.
We do things the "Old Fashioned Way"... good ole honest hard WORK!!!



Homeowners biggest complaints about Repairmen are:
You have to call 5 ads and leave 5 messages before even 1 will call you back.
Wait... Wait... Wait...
Then, it's a game of phone tag back and forth and back and forth trying to talk to an actual Repairman.
When you first call you never get to actually TALK to a Repairman and ask even the simplest of questions.
They take forever to call you back, sometimes not for days and often they never call you back at all.
Wait... Wait... Wait...
Even if they do call you back you have WAIT days or weeks to get someone to look at your job.
Then you have to WAIT even more days or weeks for them to DO the job.

We talk to you LIVE, in person, the INSTANT you call.
We come out to look at your job the SAME DAY you call!!!
We come out to DO your job the SAME DAY you call!!!

Ever wonder why the other plumbers, painters, carpenters, gutter cleaners and other Handymen never post any of their prices???
Thats because they can't!!!
First of all... They do NOT... "Do it All". They only do a few assorted things and you will have to call several ads to get "Everything" done.
We have advertised "Do it All" on our flier for 40 years.
Second... If they published their prices... you'd never call them. Especially after comparing OUR prices!
Third... If they published their prices... they would not be able to jack their price up after they get there.
You know what they do... complain and pressure you to add on all kinds of extra stuff, work, parts.

Many ads hide behind Magic Phrases like "fair", "competitive", "best in the industry" and my personal favorite, "affordable" or "reasonable" prices.
Oddly enough, they don't state what their "fantastic" prices are! If their prices are so "affordable", so "reasonable", why don't they publish what they are???

Ask our competitors for their price over the phone! They will say... "We can't give you a price over the phone."
Its not true. They HIDE their price and don't want you to know how much they're gonna charge.
If you knew they were going to charge you THAT much, you would not have called them to start with!!!

Everyone seems to brag about giving "FREE ESTIMATEs". They almost make it sound like they are PAYING you to come out. That no other guy in the state of Iowa gives Free Estimates. That its something unique, valuable, special or convenient. Part of THEIR special extraordinary business practices.

This is just another worn out, overly used, Magic Phrase used to trick people into calling. In fact, it is used to actually HIDE the price they want to charge you. Why don't they just publish their prices? WE DO! No call needed! No appointment needed! You can see OUR price without even calling us!!! (Our prices are listed at bottom).

How many times have you taken your whole afternoon off work waiting for the "FREE ESTIMATE" guy to show up?
How much MONEY did you LOSE waiting for him? How much MONEY did it COST you, taking time off work?
How much TIME did you lose? TIME you could have spent doing something else important?

Did you get a sitter for the kids? How much MONEY did that COST you? Did you miss other appointments? Was there somewhere else you needed to be? How much TIME did that COST you?
When the so called "Free Estimate" guy is late or doesn't show up at all... How much TIME and MONEY does it COST you? Of the 5 guys you called... how many returned your call? How many actually even SHOWED UP?

Even if someone DOES show up... you know they're not going to be there when they "SAY" they are.
You take half a day off work, re-arrange your whole day around getting your stuff done then...
You sit there waiting forever and wait wait wait. You already know they NEVER EVER show up on time. Half don't show up at all!
How much MONEY did their "FREE ESTIMATE", COST you?

Here's an idea:
The next time a "FREE ESTIMATE" guy touts and brags about his "FREE ESTIMATE" and how fast, reliable and convenient his service is... Tell him you are going to CHARGE HIM $50.00 if he is late or don't show up!!!
We always talk to you live the INSTANT you call. We are at your place within 60 minutes, 90% of the time!!!

Why call 5 other guys and set 5 appointments and wait all week to meet with them to get your mysterious, still unknown, "FREE ESTIMATE"? Here is OUR "FREE ESTIMATE". You can see it RIGHT NOW!
NO CALLING. NO MESSAGES. NO APPOINTMENTS! NO WAITING! WE are proud to publish our prices!!!

  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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