Midwest's Largest Piano Store - Take a Virtual Tour! (Des Moines)

Midwest's Largest Piano Store - Take a Virtual Tour! 1 thumbnailMidwest's Largest Piano Store - Take a Virtual Tour! 2 thumbnailMidwest's Largest Piano Store - Take a Virtual Tour! 3 thumbnailMidwest's Largest Piano Store - Take a Virtual Tour! 4 thumbnailMidwest's Largest Piano Store - Take a Virtual Tour! 5 thumbnailMidwest's Largest Piano Store - Take a Virtual Tour! 6 thumbnailMidwest's Largest Piano Store - Take a Virtual Tour! 7 thumbnailMidwest's Largest Piano Store - Take a Virtual Tour! 8 thumbnailMidwest's Largest Piano Store - Take a Virtual Tour! 9 thumbnailMidwest's Largest Piano Store - Take a Virtual Tour! 10 thumbnailMidwest's Largest Piano Store - Take a Virtual Tour! 11 thumbnailMidwest's Largest Piano Store - Take a Virtual Tour! 12 thumbnail
(Please read the important caution for piano buyers toward the bottom of this ad about online platforms )

The pictures in this listing are screenshots from the Google Virtual Tour of Cordogan's Pianoland in west-suburban Geneva – Illinois' oldest piano store and family-owned since 1950. A link to the tour is toward the bottom of this listing.

Cordogan's didn't become a Chicagoland institution for 74 years by having a fancy showroom in a high-rent shopping center, requiring high prices to supported high overhead. We have a historic, distinctive (and even quirky) store – that for decades was in the middle of a corn field – offering the old-fashioned professional service and value that customers should still receive when purchasing a piano. We have the lowest prices backed by our price match policy and the lowest sales tax (7%).

Our sales staff consists of family members and industry veterans, each with over 30 years of experience to help guide you through the maze of hundreds of pianos. Feel free to bring the kids...even the family dog (we're not kidding, we love dogs!) for a very unique retail experience. We love to share our store with individuals and families who wish to tour a store that is part retail, part wholesale, part workshop and part piano museum.

Cordogan's is also actively and equally in the business of ALL the options available to today's piano buyer – new pianos, used pianos, digital & hybrid pianos, player pianos and rentals. We also offer appraisals of privately owned pianos under consideration...restoration, refinishing, even tuning and moving. So if you're looking for unbiased information on which type of piano would be best for your particular needs, it can be refreshing and helpful to speak to an expert at the only area retailer who is in the business of all of those options.

With almost 30,000 of low overhead spaced, Cordogan's is a destination for piano buyers from all over the Midwest – and beyond – seeking the best prices and value. We also offer video demonstration links upon request and live video tours / demos on FaceTime or Google Duo so you can shop from the comforts of your own home if you choose. We deliver anywhere in the continental U.S. with affordable rates to the Des Moines area, and our 5-year parts & labor warranties on our fully-restored used pianos is supported throughout the country.

Please call us at 866-716-8830 or visit our amusingly outdated but informative website at www.chicagopianos.com to view our inventory online.

Cordogan's Pianoland
Midwest's largest piano store
Family owned since 1950

Here is a link to our Google Virtual Tour:

Also, there are new, more problematic issues with FB & CL scams & deceptive ads so please read this, even if you believe you are knowledgeable about scams: On Facebook in particular, fake sellers often appear to be coming from legitimate accounts that were hacked, so the ads are increasingly difficult to detect. Fake Craigslist ads are even harder to detect due to complete anonymity by the poster, many of which are posted by dealers in disguise so they can post in the free advertising section of Craigslist and make buyers think they're getting a deal buying privately. Fake and deceptive ads are widespread on both platforms. MOST IMPORTANTLY, the scam ads on both platforms aren't necessarily designed to directly scam consumers out of money or a product. They are simply created to collect personal information such as a cell phone number, email address or a home address from an unsuspecting buyer (or seller) to be used for identity theft and/or harassment, which is made easier when paired with social media accounts where consumers don't even immediately find out the extent of the exposure they have given simply by innocently communicating.

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