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I want to start a sushi selling business and also sell a couple of cakes and it'll be open 24/hrs and will be easy easy easy and to get it off the ground and also to promote me and my online store. Yay. This is going to be a lot of fun and if you say yes to helping me I'll be doing a free merch giveaway once we are doing good. What we need to do is make enough flyers and you can only make flyers if you have a printer, you can sell once were out there but first we have to get out there which is where i need your help and you can even go with a group and split up, it'll have my picture, the list of sushi rolls and cakes a long with my online store and its just different people or groups going to different neighborhoods and going door to door and putting the flyers in mailboxes.

I need alot of people right away and if you have paper laying around and a printer you can definately create and donate flyers or the signs for our cars.
For the ones that want to sell, after we get the flyers out you'll work get paid daily and the money is already in your hands and after 1 week I get just 35% of what you made for that week but i wont start collecting until your paid for putting the flyers out which is when you start selling sushi and cakes. Then just make the sign for your car which you can get at dollar general and make a creative but simple sign with it saying Sushi Toron but it has to look proffectional and have my picture on it and tape it on your car. You can see if your friend can print it out for you or you can try the library and we also each buy our own product which is CHEAP (message me for the that good info) and we make it at home and deliver it when we get an order or catering orders. Remember to work you need the stuff to make sushi without anything to help roll it, it's handmade and a couple cake pans, and a decorating bag with a tip for the frosting decoration. I'll be giving the rest of the info and list of sushi rolls and cakes if your interested, just message me at show contact info .

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